Jack Salmela 
Flowers turf, and pest Management. Friendly office staff, informative, and have prompt response time. Taylor Flowers, and his team are very knowledgeable, and always take the time to answer all my questions, and address any concerns I have. I appreciate their proactive approach to the needs of my property. Even when I was on a tight budget, they came up with a plan that fit my finances.
Danyel Joyner 
Definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a beautiful and healthy yard. Very talented crew here. The team is super friendly and knowledgeable, I am SO happy with my new lawn!!!
John Meyers 
These guys are on it. Exceptionally knowledgeable. Will walk your property and explain each and every plant’s need for water and fertilizer. Our irrigation system was set up pretty generically and they showed that the times need to be tweaked depending on plant type. Really impressed with them. Recommend highly.
scott coghill 
They have been totally in charge of our Florida home for over 20 years. Great service, prudent use of chemicals and provide grub service. Our yard looks the best on the block and we don't even live there... They come out within hours if any issues are noted.