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At Flowers Turf and Pest Management, we are honored to have the opportunities to work on the properties of Indian Harbor Beach residents. Indian Harbor Beach, Florida is a marvelous city situated in Brevard County on the eastern side of the state. At just 2.6 square miles, Indian Harbor Beach has the advantage of having two coastlines: the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Indian River Lagoon, including Sunset Harbour, to the west. By taking the 518 of 192 westbound, you can make it to Melbourne City or Palm Bay in about 15-20 minutes.

The history of Indian Harbor Beach is not very extensive, however, you will still find a lot to see and do here along what is called the Space Coast. Fondly calling themselves the “Best Little City in Florida”, Indian Harbor Beach is its 8,200 residents who make this community a beautiful and great place to call home. With our comprehensive approach to lawn care, tree and shrub care and pest management, we are able to ensure your home can have the curb appeal and beauty that you have always wanted. Situated near the beaches, it is quite common to run into health issues for your trees that may struggle to survive amid the sandy soil. With our dedicated ornamental department, we have the knowledge and experience to have your Indian Harbor Beach home remaining in incredible condition.

Being close to the Indian River Lagoon means that there are governmental regulations in place regarding the use of fertilizer. Our trained and knowledgeable team promises to abide by these rules in order to keep the lagoon from experiencing anymore trauma. Currently, the algae bloom is negatively impacting the waters around Indian Harbor Beach and, as a company concerned with the environment, we do not intend to put any unnecessary additional stress on the lagoon.

Indian Harbor Beach is uniquely positioned in Florida allowing for both temperate and tropical plants to flourish. Also, NASA has shown that the area of Indian Harbor Beach has a considerably reduced chance of being harmed by hurricanes. Along the beaches are vegetated sand dunes which are able to minimize the damage caused by offshore weather patterns and storm surges. Many saltwater tolerant plants and shrubs are found on the eastern side of the city and have proven to remain strong.

As part of the Palm Bay–Melbourne–Titusville, FL Metropolitan Statistical Area, Indian Harbor Beach is near many other beautiful communities which feature parks, nature areas and plenty of economic activity. You can find unique stores, delicious local restaurants and plenty to do outdoors. Port Canaveral which is located on the northern end of the barrier is the busiest cruise port in the world and brings in over a half-billion dollars in revenue annually. One of the major employers in the area is the Brevard Public Schools which is tasked with educating 74,000 students throughout the county at its 82 schools. Over 9,500 people are employed by the school district which includes 5,000 teachers!

There are three parks in Indian Harbor Beach and one sports complex:
●    Millennium Park
●    Gleason Park
●    Bicentennial Park
●    Algonquin Sports Complex

Millennium Park is located right on the Atlantic Ocean with gorgeous views of the water, pavilions and beachfront areas. Gleason Park is 27 acres in size and is another frequented park with a lake featuring fountains as well as a pool, paved paths for walking, skating and biking, and many events and activities around the annual holidays and throughout the year. Gleason Park also has a wooden boardwalk for those who want an unobstructed view of the water or just want an ideal spot for fishing.

Indian Harbor Beach is a vibrant, safe and beautiful place to call home. If you are looking for reliable lawn care in Indian Harbor Beach, give Flowers Turf and Pest Management a call and let us put our decades of experience to work for you.