Tree & Shrub Melbourne FL

Tree & Ornamentals

Flowers Turf and Pest Management has always had a love for horticulture which has helped drive our passion for providing the best tree and ornamental care possible. When we come out to your property to manage your trees and ornamentals, we will treat them as if they were our own. We see our customers as people we want to forge relationships with and provide the highest level of care; you are not just another number at Flowers Turf and Pest Management.

In order to help your trees and ornamentals thrive all year long, we offer three applications:
● Spring
● Summer
● Fall
We use a special bloomer for the flowering plants and a regular fertilizer for the ornamental shrubs. Our fertilizer mixture is made specific to the trees, ornamentals and other plants on your property. Our trained and highly skilled technicians will identify your plants and any issues that there may be and then fertilize appropriately to manage any problems.

Mites and other insects cause considerable stress on plants. Our ornamental specialists will be able to spot these problems and offer a comprehensive plan to control the insects so they do not harm the beautiful foliage on your property. Insects love healthy ornamental plants, therefore after treating them, we will return 2-3 weeks later and provide a follow-up treatment.
Although Flowers Turf and Pest Management have been in this business for decades, there are the occasional issues that we need help solving. In these cases, we go to a horticultural specialist from the University of Florida who is on-call and ready to assist us when needed. We are dedicated to achieving excellence and we will go out of our way to find the right solution to any problem you are experiencing with the health of your trees, and ornamentals plants.

We have a dedicated ornamental division at Flowers Turf and Pest Management with tree and ornamentals specialists who are certified, insured and bonded. Their goal is to ensure your landscape plants are protected, preserved and receiving the proper level of nutrients. Many of our experienced crew have been with us for decades and will bring to the job a unique knowledge and skillset that only years of service can provide.

Part of educating our customers on our services is letting them know the problems they may have on their trees and ornamentals, our products are safe for the environment as well as pet-friendly. We believe that it is crucial to keep our environment healthy.

If you are in need of quality tree and ornamental care in Melbourne FL then give Flowers Turf and Pest Management a call today. We want to provide you with the beautiful landscape plants that you will love and that will add curb appeal to your home.